Our families are the nucleus, the basic building block of society.

At the heart and core of our lives and communities, are our families. And if we can get it right here, the effect is exponential, because from close, loving families comes a loving, caring, peace-loving humanity.

In the depths of our beings we always long for togetherness with the ones we love. And though life is such that we must often spend time apart, there’s much we can and must do to maximise loving family togetherness… when we’re together.

Catch the vision, because seeing is believing.

We need to have a clear vision of the qualities we want in our family lives, because once we’ve clearly defined that purpose, we can make decisions towards it.

As families – as the nucleus and basic building block of society – spending quality time together can be in that vision. Its then a matter of figuring out what we have to do to make it happen.

At The Healthy Home Family, we break it down into four areas of “togetherness” that we’re trying to work on as a family, and as The Healthy Home Family site progresses:

  • Learn together
  • Play together
  • Work together
  • Be together

What do we want our family lives to look like? Answer that question, catch that vision, embrace it, and let’s start making the right decisions to make it happen.

Ade & Tosh
@The Healthy Home Family