To live and love life together as a family.

To really live and love life together as a family, we first have to define what’s most important and meaningful to us as individuals, and as members of our families and communities.

At The Healthy Home Family, we believe it’s important to recognize that we each have a purpose in life – a reason for why we were born, and that it’s our job to figure out what that purpose is.

What do we see?

When we look at our lives and why we’re here, what do we see?

At The Healthy Home Family, we are learning to “see” our lives in a new way. Part of this is about defining our most meaningful qualities of life – the  things we literally “live for” and want to give the rest of our lives for. The other part is about learning to make decisions that lead us toward those clearly defined qualities of life, using a structured framework for decision making.

Live Life

If we learn to see our lives in terms of our greatest aspirations, our deepest values and our highest ideals, we can then learn to make decisions that lead us in that direction.

Setting right goals and making right decisions toward those goals is the starting point of living our lives to the full. We can obtain a good bearing in our lives and make decisions that plot our course through life. We also have an effective mechanism for avoiding making the wrong decisions, and staying on course in the stormy seas of life.

Love Life

Loving our lives goes far beyond “love” the warm, fuzzy feeling. As humans, we have been gifted with a higher-plane responsibility:

CARING for, and SERVING life itself.

Beyond the basic responsibility of looking after our own lives, our responsibilities as “carers and servants” in this world includes caring for and serving the lives of our families, communities and natural environments.

This outpouring of “love”, in fact, is what makes us conduits for love itself, a principle beautifully depicted in the delightful children’s book, “Have you filled a bucket today? A guide to daily happiness for kids.”, by Carol McCloud.

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The book illustrates a simple yet profound truth – that the act of filling another person’s “bucket” is the means by which our own buckets may be filled.

It means that for love to be replenished within us, we must first freely give of the love that we have. Its the universal law of love in action.


It’s… Why We’re Here

As we considered some of the values in life that are most meaningful and important to us as a family, these three gave life to “The Healthy Home Family”!

Abundantly healthy lives...

A nurturing home...

Loving family togetherness...

These are some of the most essential and fundamental qualities of LIFE.

And by learning to make decisions every day toward them, they can become a reality in our lives.

Here, at The Healthy Home Family, it’s our fervent desire that you find the inspiration to strengthen and empower your family’s mission in life, and to live and love the awesome values of abundant health, home and family life – together!

Please join us, as we navigate our way towards learning and recapturing some of life’s greatest values and aspirations!

Ade & Tosh
@The Healthy Home Family